particle accelerator

digital game

Particle Accelerator is all about smashing into other particles as you speed through the machine. You need to gain enough speed so that when you collide with the Super Particle you have enough force to make a black hole and escape from the atom smasher. Speed is gained or lost by colliding with your fellow particles. Some of the particles are faster and slower than you. You gain speed by getting in front of the faster particles and letting them push you. Speed is lost when you bump into particles moving slower than you. All the different types of particles loop through the machine at their unique speed. When you're dropped into the machine, all the other types of particles are faster than you. As you get faster, the types of particles that use to give you a speed push now become slower speed bumps to be avoided. Remember: If you can pass it, touching it will slow you down. If it's trying to pass you, touching it will make you go faster. Speed is good!

my role: game design, art and programing
platform: virtools