big game

Have some fun on the subway! Use the NYC subway as a playing field and take the train! You don't have to stare at the ads anymore; you'll be too busy planing your next move. The length of the train is now your game board. Captured subway cars are worth more in the middle of the train. A subway car is captured by your team if, when it leaves the station, you can manage to have more members from your team in the car than any other team. Every station along the line is a chance to adjust your team's position and capture more points. Step onto the platform, look out for your opponents and make your move, but don't take too long; the doors stay open for about 7 seconds!

The object of Metrophile is for you and your team members to "take" or capture individual cars on the uptown #6 subway line. A car is captured when your team has the majority of players present in the car when the train leaves each station. Captured cars are worth more points in the middle of the train, so plan your moves accordingly.

rules of the game : pdf >>>

team: Leah Gilliam, Kate Hartman, Charley Miller, Derek Stoops, Scott Varland
my role: Game Design
platform: NYC subway, (6) train

@ Come Out & Play 2008, New York >>>
Flickr collection of event >>>