game wise network

online game, meta game, thesis

Game Wise Network is a game that plays other games.

The system takes the shape of a web-based network that is not only a collective of game players but a human-powered game decision-making system. This group's collective intelligence is the opponent in the games played by individual members of the same network. The site is structured as a Network Wide game (NW game). Participation in the overall NW game improves the decision-making processes of the Network's role in individual Player Initiated games (PI games). From the perspective of the individual player, the PI game proceeds like any normal correspondence-based game. The player makes a move in the game then waits for their opponent to a move. While the individual player is waiting, the NW game is being played to evaluate the situation in the PI game.

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my role: game design, art and programing
platform: website

note: the Game Wise Network is now call teamTurn and is in commercial development.
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